Limited Run Raw HLX 3.0 Texas Tea Wedge

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Model: HLX 3.0 Raw Wedges
Dexterity: Right Hand
Grind: C Grind & RJ Grind (56° & 60° only)
Material: Soft Carbon Steel
Loft/Bounce: 50°/8°/C, 52°/8°/C, 54°/10°/C, 56°/12°/C,  56°/14°/RJ, 58°/10°/C,  58°/12°/RJ, 60°/8°/C, 60°/10°/RJ
Wedge Loft: – 1°, – 2°, + 1°, + 2°, No Change (Standard °)
Wedge Lie: 62°, 63°, 64° (Standard), 65°, 66°
Standard Lengths: 50°/52° 35 1/2″, 54°/56° 35 1/4", 58°/60° 35″
Wedge Shaft: N.S. Pro Modus3 115
Shaft Flex: Stiff 
Wedge Grip: Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip

Robert J. Bettinardi is thrilled to introduce the first raw Limited Run wedge release from Bettinardi Golf, expanding the HLX 3.0 wedge with this exclusive finish. The HLX 3.0 is engineered and crafted from Soft Carbon Steel, a change from Robert’s previous H2 wedge line, aimed to provide players a much softer feel at impact, with a focus on greater versatility, control, and increased forgiveness for every variety of wedge shot needed - from approach to greenside lies.

Completed in a stunning Texas Tea finish, the shiny blue hues in combination with the rich white and red paint combination gives this Limited offering a one-of-a-kind look.  Please remember that this is a raw finish on the wedge, and each wedge will patina and rust over time. In order to retain its’ original look, please be sure to oil and clean your wedge after use with a light cloth.


Sam Bettinardi’s preferred C-Grind was re-engineered to promote a higher toe and heel to support added relief, clean contact, and give the player the most aggressive spin. The all-new face that removed 20% more additional surface metal to allow the ball to move past the center of gravity and produce a more aggressive spin with a more consistent distance control. 


Robert’s most forgiving wedge line in his patented RJ-Grind wedge. Engineered for the player who seeks increased forgiveness on tight lies and much-needed bounce on square face shots, the HLX 3.0 RJ-Grind wedge has our highest measured bounce for players with a steep angle of attack. The RJ-Grind is the perfect wedge for players who are looking for a higher center of gravity and maximum spin when added control is needed alongside the greens. 


New Finish 
The HLX 3.0 all-new appearance is offered in a clean, traditional Chrome finish and our all-new patented Black Smoke finish for the player who prefers a non-traditional appearance and more of a performance look at address. Each finish was tested to provide the player greater optics and glare-reducing finish in any course condition. The all-new Limited Run wedges are completed in a stunning Raw Texas Tea finish combining the shiny blue hues with a rich white and red paint scheme that gives this Limited offering a one-of-a-kind look. Please remember that the raw wedges will patina and age over time.

Premium Components
The HLX 3.0 wedge series will offer players the choice for the best, most premium components to complete the buildout of their new Bettinardi wedges. Tour Grade Shaft- Nippon Pro Modus 115. All wedges will be paired with a custom Bettinardi Crosstour Soft Grey and Black Lamkin grip for added control with patented vibration dampening technology for a superior surface tack, outstanding in all weather conditions. The all-new Limited Run wedges come paired with a tour-grade N.S. Pro Modus3 115 shaft and Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Bettinardi grip, giving these wedges the premium components needed to complete your perfect Bettinardi wedge setup.

All-New Face of The HLX 3.0
Using our patented High Helix Cut machining process, Robert was able to engineer and craft his softest forged wedge face with precision-milling techniques and optimizing process of removing material to generate just the right groove depth and spacing to push USGA limits, making the HLX 3.0 the most versatile wedge for players needing any kind of shot when it comes to their short game.

HLX 5.0 Wedges



Engineered and crafted from Soft Carbon Steel, each HLX 5.0 Wedge is forged. As opposed to casting, our forged method proves to be a more premium and superior way to make a much softer feeling wedge, preferred by professional golfers worldwide.


The all-new face of the HLX 5.0 utilizes our patented High Helix Cut machining process, allowing Robert to engineer and craft his softest forged wedge face to date. By using this process, the machine cuts the metal at such a rate that generates a more pronounced groove depth, creating maximum spin on the golf ball, which pushes USGA groove limits and makes the HLX 5.0 the ultimate wedge for controlling your spin.


The 2023-2024 HLX 5.0 wedge features a ladder milling on the back flange and sole, which is a re-engineer of the Honeycomb milling on the HLX 3.0. By re-engineering the HLX 5.0 with a finer ladder milling, the center of gravity in each head was pushed up by 5%. By utilizing this finer milling technique, we were able to keep more weight on the flange, which raises the CG and helps golfers promote a lower trajectory wedge shot and ultimately improve their short game. This master-crafted enhancement allows for Tour quality shot flighting and uncontested control around the greens.