Bettinardi 2021 Unveiling Creates Major Buzz for New Lines

Golf world buzzing over new bettinardi 2021 series

On Thursday, November 19th, Bettinardi was proud to share with the world its 2021 lines of production putters. And the world responded. 

With 7 variations of Studio Stock models, 4 new Queen B models, and a line extension of the Inovai series, featuring 3 variations of the all-new Inovai 7.0, Bettinardi 2021 was a sight for sore pandemic eyes, and generated major buzz across the golf world.

But don’t just take our word for it!



FIRST LOOK: Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock, Queen B, Inovai 7.0 putters

“Overlooked, however, is [Bettinardi’s] pursuit of ways to make golfers produce better putts. In other words, there’s more to a Bettinardi putter than its pretty face. Of course, for this year’s lineup, that’s just it: the face is the story.” - Mike Stachura, GolfDigest

Golf Week Bettinardi 2021 line

"The Chicago-based company has released updates to three of its putter lines to provide golfers with a wide variety of shapes and styles that can help you perform better on the greens.” - David Dusek, Golfweek 

My Golf Spy Queen B Series

“The 2021 Studio Stock line is where we see Bettinardi push the design envelope. Not just with new models but with a whole new face. As a putter maker with signature faces like the F.I.T. and honeycomb, it is a big risk for Bettinardi to forsake what the consumer expects for something new. The only way they would do this is if they knew the new face was a winner.” -  Dave Wolf, MyGolfSpy 


First Look: Bettinardi 2021 Putter Lines

“One of my favorite things about the annual releases of new putters is finding surprise gamers. Many times, there is a putter that I dismiss when I see it but love it when I roll it..the surprise putter in this Bettinardi 2021 batch was the SS17.” - Dave Wolf, MyGolfSpy 

Bettinardi Studio Stock, Queen B, Inovai putters

Compared to the classic Baby Ben putter Bettinardi made for 2003 U.S. Open winner Jim Furyk. the new 7.0 head delivers a 30 percent higher M.O.I. — the highest the company has ever produced.” - Jonathan Wall, 

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All models are now available for preorder. Discover the new lines everyone is talking about!