Bettinardi BB56 Armageddon Putter - Made From Scrap Humvee Metal

Limited Edition: Golf Digest covered the Bettinardi BB56 Armageddon story, which included key interviews with the Finch family, Brain the father who worked at Magna Machine Company in Cincinnati, Ohio and SPC Ryan Finch, who both saved scrap humvee metal for a special, unknown project at the time. When Ryan returned home from serving our great country in Iraq, they caught up and bonded again over this amazing game of golf. Ryan's dad had used a Bettinardi putter for over four years, and known Bob to be a proud military supporter and Bettinardi Golfs 2017 BB1 Armageddon Putter, their special military themed putter series. They both had their aha moment right there on the golf course. Bob Bettinardi and Bettinardi Golf were the people to get their scrap metal and turn it into something special. The rest, as they say - is history. 

"Bettinardi Armageddon putter takes military theme to extremes by using scrap metal from Humvee doors"

This article was originally published on Golf Digest by Mike Stachura. You can read the entire article by clicking the link here. We hope you enjoy this wonderful father son and golf story.